How Many Years Does a Website Last Before Needing a Redesign?

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Person planning their website redesign

How do you know if your website needs a tweak, an update, or a total redesign?

Our 1-3-5 rule can help you sort through this issue!

Every Year (1)

You should review your content to ensure your business offerings are updated and accurate. For example:

  • Are your business hours up-to-date?
  • Have you included new products in your online market place?
  • Is your contact info correct?

Are you barely reading and realizing it has it been way more than 5 years? Let us help.

Every three years (3)

Time for general site maintenance. Think of this as a time to “fight the bloat.”

  • Delete pages for old content
  • Cut down on long descriptions
  • Redirect old URLs to updated and improved content

Every five years (5)

It is time to redesign. Even if you manage your site well-Technology changes! Take advantage of new advances in mobile technology or SEO updates. You will be glad you did!

Is your site older than 10 years? You already know what’s coming…(ahem, #websiteshame, much?)…time for a whole redesign! An old-fashioned site tells your clients that you don’t value their ease of use or make time to invest in your business.

Regardless of where you find yourself on this list – Moxie Tonic can help. Schedule a discovery call today


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