Financial Planner Launches New Business With a Website From Moxie Tonic

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Business team excited about their new website

After nearly ten years of working in the financial planning industry at a large firm, Certified Financial Planner ™ Amber Miller knew it was time to break out on her own. Amber envisioned a different kind of financial planning firm–one focused on helping clients not only better their own financial situation, but to also inspire change in the world.

Amber Miller, Certified Financial Planner, Founder, Rising Financial

Amber Miller, Founder, Rising Financial

The Importance of Building a Professional Website

And so Rising Financial was born. Instead of focusing on the traditional financial planning model that works to elevate the economy one family at a time, Rising Financial’s goal is to build a community of families that will support their local community and build toward a more sustainable and just future.

The Challenge

To help launch Rising Financial–which would serve clients 100% virtually–Amber knew that she needed a website. It couldn’t be just any website, though. Not only did it need to connect with her potential clients, but it also needed to reflect Rising Financial’s core values. If Rising Financial was different than run-of-the-mill financial planning firms, it needed to look different, too.

As a trained graphic designer, Amber could envision what the website should look like, but she didn’t have the web design expertise to complete it herself. She also knew that the brand messaging was vital to attracting the type of clients she was looking to serve. On top of it all, Amber wanted to put her values to work by collaborating with a women-owned and run business.

“In this day, a website is the one thing we have to get right.  Everyone is going to look at this. That was the biggest challenge. Knowing how big of a project this was and knowing the importance of it and knowing myself that I had a design eye, that even though I don’t have the tools anymore. I wanted to have a website that didn’t look like everybody else’s out there… especially in this white, male-dominated industry.”

The Solution

Moxie began by leading Amber through the 7 parts of the StoryBrand framework to help define and describe Rising Financial’s audience and messaging.

The discussion included:

    • Who Rising Financial’s ideal audience is
    • What the audience wants
    • What’s keeping the audience from getting what it wants
    • How the audience feels
    • What the audience deserves
    • How Rising Financial shows empathy for the audience’s needs
    • Proof of Rising Financial’s authority
    • A 3-step plan to demonstrate the process of working with Rising Financial
    • A clear call-to-action
    • A transitional call-to-action
    • Successes that the audience can experience if they work with Rising Financial
    • Failures the audience could experience if they don’t work with Rising Financial

Using this discussion, Moxie created a BrandScript–a foundational document for Rising Financial’s message–that Amber could use for the website, social media, future marketing, and more.

With the BrandScript in place, Moxie worked with Amber to form a site map, which the copywriter and designer then used to create copy and design pages. During this process, both the writer and designer met with Amber weekly to review progress and make changes.

Design was especially important to Amber, so Moxie’s designer worked closely with her to incorporate logos, colors, and graphics that Amber had already created. The designer also taught Amber how to use the back end of her site to make copy and design changes on her own.

“Everyone seemed to really care and enjoy their job, enjoy the project, and working with me. It seemed like there is a positive energy that everybody had and it was really fun to collaborate with that energy.  They have a real “yes, and” attitude.”

After copy and design were approved, Moxie optimized the site for mobile users and SEO best practices, finalized hosting, and ensured all loose ends were tied up and ready for launch.

New Website Delivers Results!

With now live, Amber has the perfect place to attract and convert clients. Even better, she’s in full control of the site, able to make changes and updates, publish blog posts, and even add pages if necessary.

With a website that reflects the core values of her business–both in messaging and design–Amber can confidently grow her business and start making a real difference in the lives of her clients and her community.

“I have a fabulous website! I feel like I have a public face for my company and I can enjoy sharing a great resource or tool that works for both my prospects and my clients, so they can each interact with it. I even feel comfortable doing some of that surface-level stuff myself, which was really important to me.  I feel empowered with that added skill.”

You deserve a well-designed website with a clear message that converts.
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