University Recreation and Wellness Department Clarifies Messaging and Creates Visual Unity with Moxie Tonic

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Daniel L. Ritchie Center for Sports and Wellness, University of Denver

Daniel L. Ritchie Center for Sports and Wellness, University of Denver

A powerhouse for sports and wellness for students and locals alike, the University of Denver Ritchie Center offers unique, exciting opportunities for kids, parents, young adults, and more to participate in sports, enjoy the outdoors, and become the best, healthiest version of themselves.

With offerings ranging from kid’s summer sports camps to wilderness retreats at the 720-acre Kennedy Mountain Campus next to the Roosevelt National Forest, the Ritchie center offers broad and diverse programming that serves 12,000 students, more than 1,000 faculty, and hundreds of Denver residents not affiliated with the university.

The Challenge

With such a wide catalog of locations, activities, and services, the Ritchie Center found itself in a messaging and visual branding maelstrom. With marketing collateral coming willy-nilly from every direction, there was no cohesiveness between activities, even though they all fell under the Ritchie Center umbrella. Posters for fitness classes looked nothing like emails about the swim team. The adult hockey league’s website landing page had zero in common with the marketing for the new student orientation at the mountain campus, and so on.

Stuck in the eye of the storm were Ilona Kovacs and Martin Gonzales Uribe–the newly hired Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications and Coordinator of Marketing & Communications. They knew they needed to reign in the chaos and create a unified visual brand with messaging that reflected the individual activity while also maintaining the Ritchie Center’s overall message. 

The Solution

The Ritchie Center hired Moxie to help calm the branding storm. While Moxie would usually hold a single, comprehensive StoryBrand messaging meeting, the Ritchie Center’s unique situation called for a different approach: TEN StoryBrand messaging meetings. By working with the key stakeholders of all of the Ritchie Center’s programs, Moxie was able to help provide messaging that not only spoke to the appropriate audience for the activity but also connected to the Ritchie Center’s core values.

After completing the StoryBrand meetings, Moxie provided one-page marketing foundation stories (BrandScripts) that the various programs could use for their continuing marketing efforts, as well as newly overhauled landing page copy for each program that spoke to the program’s audience, explained benefits, and clarified important details.

With the messaging in hand, Moxie set out to unify the Ritchie Center’s visual branding by creating a comprehensive style guide that clearly outlined fonts, colors, visual hierarchy, images, and other important information so that the entire department could be on the same design page. Moxie’s designers worked closely with Ilona and Martin to cover all of the department’s needs and anticipate questions and training down the line.

Moxie then put the foundational work into play, creating:

  • Landing pages
  • Email templates
  • Marketing funnels
  • Multiple email nurture series
  • Lead magnets
  • Poster templates
  • Student and alumni messaging templates

Moxie met with Ilona and Martin weekly throughout the project to help navigate challenges and provide support.

The Result

With their foundational messaging and style guide in hand, Ilona and Martin now have the tools they need to unify their large and diverse department. The Ritchie Center is launching a new, clarified website, and is training their team on how to correctly create collateral that maintains the unified visual branding.

A university department is full of moving parts and ever-evolving programs. With the help of StoryBrand and Moxie Tonic, Ilona and Martin can now confidently lead the marketing of the Ritchie Center with a fully-aligned brand.

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