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Donald Miller Small Business Flight School

Trying to figure out how to run a small business is hard. 

Really, really hard. 

And the reason why most small businesses fail is because they don’t have a cohesive operating system to help them know where they need to be putting their efforts and energy.

Every day you’re piecing together how to:

  • Be an effective and respected leader for your team
  • Communicate clearly to customers about how you can help them
  • Increase your sales without running yourself or your sales team ragged
  • Know when and how to launch new products
  • Not overspend on your overhead and operations expenses
  • Manage your cash flow in a way that makes sense to you and isn’t confusing

Just looking at that list is overwhelming, let alone the actual feelings you have when you try to tackle it.

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve been listening to podcasts, joining masterminds, networking each month, attending retreats AND THEN trying to incorporate all of your favorite business sound bites into a cohesive business strategy.

No wonder you’re feeling a bit all over the place. It’s… a lot.

Luckily, our friends at StoryBrand have an answer to these problems with their newest program: Small Business Flight School. Using Donald Miller’s proven formula for growing a small business (he developed it while growing StoryBrand from a startup to a $16 million+ business!), Small Business Flight School offers a hands-on, 6-month program designed specifically for small business owners who are ready to make their growth take to the skies.

Here’s a closer look at Small Business Flight School

Learn and implement one critical business framework each month for six months.

Over the course of 6 months, you’ll watch videos (usually 15-25 minutes in length) that focus on one piece of Donald Miller’s 6-piece business framework. The videos take a deep dive into the concepts and give you actionable steps on filling out your business growth plan (called your “Flight Plan”). When you learn and implement the six frameworks in your “Flight Plan” (leadership, sales, marketing, products, overhead/operations, and cash flow), you’ll have total clarity about where your business is going and how you’re going to get there.

Learn from Experts at Weekly Q&A Calls

You probably have had a tough time going through online courses that didn’t provide any live support. That’s why Flight School includes a weekly Q&A call with business coaches and fellow like-minded entrepreneurs. Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from mentors and experts who know the tangible challenges small business owners from many different industries are facing – and they know how to help.

Access to the Members-Only Flight School Community

Are you eager to connect with other business owners in a similar industry and business phase? With the members-only Flight School Community, you’ll get 24/7 access to Small Business Flight School’s private forum where you can connect with other business owners you can relate to and get questions answered by your peers and certified Business Coaches & Marketing Guides.

Quarterly Live Sessions from Donald Miller (for life!)

As a Flight School member, you’ll get permanent insider access to Donald Miller each quarter as he coaches the Flight School community on improving and implementing your Flight Plan. That means that every quarter during Flight School (and even after you finish), you’ll have accountability and reminders to ensure you stay on track so you can experience growth for years to come.

Using the Small Business Flight School framework, Donald Miller doubled his revenue FOUR times. What could you do? With a practical approach, community engagement, access to experts, and a comprehensive curriculum, you can overhaul your entire business and set it on a trajectory for success. If you commit just five hours per week over the next six months, you could witness the remarkable results that come from implementing a proven growth system. 

Join Flight School today and soar to new business heights!

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