StoryBrand’s Made Simple Summit: What We Learned

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Rowing team working together like the Moxie Tonic Marketing team with StoryBrandHave you ever noticed that ideas created in a vacuum never seem to go anywhere?

But when you work together with like-minded, creative-thinking people, your ideas don’t just come faster, but they get better and better as everyone lends their own unique experience and expertise.

That’s why, here at Moxie Tonic, we value collaboration so highly. Not only do our ideas get better, but we are able to learn from each other, constantly improving our quality of work as a whole.

Natalie and Katy from Moxie Tonic Marketing meet with Donald Miller at the StoryBrand Summit at Goose Hill

We ♥️ StoryBrand

It’s also why we love being part of the StoryBrand community. Back in 2017, our founder Natalie Gowen completed the training and certification process to become an official StoryBrand guide.

As Moxie has grown, we’ve founded our work on StoryBrand principles, creating clear messaging that firmly places the customer as the hero of their story, with our clients as the guides who can help the hero on their journey.

To say it works is an understatement! Now a fully-fledged StoryBrand Agency, our entire team is trained in StoryBrand so we can apply it to every aspect of our work for clients. So when we heard about this year’s Made Simple Summit–a conference for StoryBrand Guides and Business Made Simple Coaches–you better believe we were 100% on board!

Picture This

Imagine sitting in a room of 200 people, all committed to helping their clients grow their businesses and reach more customers. You’re listening to and learning from business experts like Mike Michalowicz and Amy Porterfield. Imagine chatting with StoryBrand creator Donald Miller…in his own backyard!

But perhaps best of all, imagine spending 2 days deep in collaboration with other marketing professionals–hearing about their great ideas, their newest promotions, their stellar techniques–and coming home with a head swimming with exciting new possibilities to bring back to your own clients.

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we don’t have to imagine it. Because we did it! We are SO excited to apply what we’ve learned at the Made Simple Summit to what we can offer you. From branding to local SEO to developing email lists and more, we can’t wait to help you define your marketing goals, unify your messaging, and start really connecting with the people that you can help.

Here’s 5 things we learned at the Made Simple Summit:

1. Start slow and let it grow

Profit First founder Mike Michalowicz explained that to make your business more profitable, you’ve got to stop trying to change yourself. Instead, you’ve got to channel yourself into a sustainable method. Since jumping feet-first into change is hard, instead of going all in and then giving up almost immediately, give yourself time to implement incrementally–if you get just 1% better every day, in less than 4 months, you’re 100% better than where you started.

2. Customers don’t care about your marketing–they care about themselves

Brand strategist Brian Sooy reminded us that customers aren’t swayed by marketing or branding alone. Instead, they’re swayed with the message connects to what they care about–when it solves a problem that they’re facing. All of our brand and marketing strategy needs to focus on what the customers want.

3. Success in business is based on the strength of your email list

Digital marketing superstar Amy Porterfield taught us about the importance of building and nurturing email lists. She stressed the need for weekly original content, quick-win lead magnets, and consistently nurturing the list. When your content can create an invisible bridge between what your customer needs and the answers they’ll get with your product or service, you’ll become their go-to for information.

4. Collaboration needs to include everyone

LEGO Serious Play facilitator Jake Brown honed our collaborative skills with a dose of fun–building with LEGO! By helping us transform ideas into concrete objects, he showed us how to listen to all voices at the table, not just the loudest. Working together, we developed ideas with newfound confidence and insight.

5. Most people approach sales the wrong way

StoryBrand founder Donald Miller introduced us to StoryBrand’s newest training: The Customer is the Hero. This new methodology focuses on helping the sales team create authentic, meaningful sales conversations that invite the customer into a story where they’re the hero. The outcome? More closed sales.

And just to prove that we were actually there…check out this fun video that the Made Simple Summit put together. (You’ll even get a glimpse of us at 0:28 and 1:13!)

You feel that energy? We can’t wait to bring that same spirit of excitement and collaboration to your business. Schedule a call to tell us your ideas and learn how a StoryBrand certified agency can help you meet your goals.

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