Pain-free Marketing For Your Dental Practice

Connect with your community

Save time and effort

Stay top-of-mind

Take the Stress Out Of Marketing Your Practice

Tired of orchestrating all your marketing contractors?

Frustrated that you have to look to so many sources to attract new patients? A website from one place, the mailer and print ads from another, blogs and SEO strategy from a third…

You don’t have the time or energy to get them all on the same page, so you’ve got seven different people telling you to do seven different things.

Dentists with Moxie is here to help.

Our full-service marketing agency will help you:


Have a single source for all of your marketing needs


Unify your brand messaging and visuals


Build an overarching marketing strategy


Free up time for your team


Create more brand awareness in your community


Stand out from the crowd

Easy as that.

“As a business owner, my focus has to stay on being a successful practice and seeing enough patients. Moxie delivers excellent service, with regular check-ins that let me know of the plans for my marketing. I haven’t had to worry about the consistency of new patients coming in since passing the marketing reigns over to Moxie.”

Joseph | Joseph Gowen, O.D. & Associates

“I was not thrilled with our previous website and marketing. I wanted someone to take hold of all of the pieces, simplify our materials, and unify our voice. Hiring Moxie Tonic brought a huge sense of relief. I am proud to show off our website and we’re really starting to see the returns for our practice because our messaging is clear.”

Jennifer| Sierra Smiles Complete Health Dentistry

“Before hiring Moxie Tonic, I was trying to juggle multiple projects with several third-party marketing contractors. I wanted to consolidate all of that work by bringing in a turnkey marketing service. Moxie exceeded my expectations! With their precise planning and tracking, we now have an effective approach to marketing.

Chris| Sigma Additive Solutions

All of the Fun, None of the Fuss

Our marketing services take frustration out of the equation.

Make Connections

With strategies to introduce your practice to newcomers as well as engage your current patients, you’ll stay top-of-mind in your community.

Spread the Word

From digital campaigns to print ads and more, we’ll help you build a conveyor belt of new patients to keep your practice productive.

Pick Your Path Forward


Find direction with Moxie’s marketing roadmaps. 


Start your journey off on the right foot.

Website Roadmap

Tired of your cookie-cutter website that does nothing to engage or delight? Cut the confusion with messaging and design proven to convert.

Brand Messaging Roadmap

No more mismatched messages. We’ll help you create a strong foundation for your practice’s brand and show you how to apply it.

Comprehensive Marketing Roadmap

Not sure which way your marketing should go? Our marketing experts will help you craft a marketing strategy with actionable steps.

Who Said Dentists Can’t Be Influencers?


Keep your practice top of mind with an active, relevant social media presence.


It couldn’t be easier.

Talk to Moxie

Learn how our 3 levels of service can take social media stress off your plate and create better online engagement than ever before.

Customized Posts

With custom posts created just for your practice, we’ll schedule and monitor your account’s posts so you don’t have to.

Expand Your Reach

The more touch-points you have with your patients between their visits, the more likely they’ll keep their appointments.

Start with Social

Stop playing social media hot potato!

We know your team should be focusing on your patients, not on searching for ways to keep your social media accounts active. That’s why we’ve created our free social media calendar with an entire year’s worth of fun ideas for posts.

Download it for free today!



Keep it Fresh

Our calendar of little known slightly silly holidays will keep your posts timely and cheerful.

Keep it Relevant

Highlighting health-related awareness months reminds your audience about your concern and connection to their wellness.

Keep it Simple

No need to overthink. Just follow our calendar to create engaging posts year-round.