Multi-Location Senior Living Organization Finds Unity and Digital Success with Moxie Tonic

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Multi-Location Senior Living Organization Finds Unity and Digital Success with Moxie Tonic

One of the only women-owned, multi-location senior living companies in the nation, Morningside Elite Management is one of the top referred assisted living and dementia care providers in the Mid-Atlantic area, with 7 communities in Maryland and Virginia.

Known for its long-tenured staff, friendly and welcoming communities, and holistic approach to seniors’ physical, emotional, and spiritual health, Morningside has been helping their residents and their families thrive for more than 20 years.

Mariam Nasseri Pelletier, Morningside Senior Living Corporate Director of Marketing

Mariam Nasseri Pelletier, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing

The Challenge – Senior Living Community Marketing

While Morningside excelled at caring for their residents, their brand identity was muddled. Without a clear, unified brand message and design guidelines, the seven Morningside locations were on their own to design documents, write copy, and throw together other marketing materials. This piecemeal approach led to thousands of wasted marketing dollars that not only didn’t bring in new residents, but also made the company look less professional.

When the new Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing, Mariam Nasseri Pelletier, joined the team in 2021, she knew things needed to change.

“We had a lack of uniformity. A lack of a brand. Employees were going rogue and just doing what they wanted. It was a distraction–like trying to cook with dirty dishes. Sitting back and looking around we thought, ‘this is horrible. We gotta fix it!’…and had no idea where to start.”

Although skilled in sales, marketing was relatively new for Mariam, and she knew it was time to look for outside help.

The Solution

Moxie began by building a messaging foundation for the Morningside brand by taking Mariam and the entire Morningside c-suite through a comprehensive StoryBrand messaging process. Over the course of several meetings, Moxie and Morningside senior living explored their audience’s needs, their challenges, and how to position Morningside as the guide to help them solve their problems.

Using this discussion, Moxie created a messaging and style guide to unite the look and feel of the brand, then started working on applying it across all digital and print areas, including the entire website, brochures, digital ads, and landing pages.

Additionally, Moxie worked with Mariam to create an overall strategy that included:

    • Print ad design
    • Brochures
    • Lead magnets and sales materials
    • Social media support
    • Blog writing
    • SEO optimization
    • Google My Business support
    • Digital ads
    • Ongoing website maintenance
    • Updates for individual location landing pages
    • Monthly reporting
    • And more

As needs arose, Moxie was always a phone call or email away to help navigate challenges and provide support.

 “I love the Moxie team. I have my project manager on speed dial! I appreciate the partnership, and just the ability to communicate. Every single person I talk to at Moxie has just been so easy to communicate with, intelligent, and fun!”

The Result

As a united brand in both design and messaging, Morningside’s image and marketing efforts are blossoming. Marketing materials are consistent from location to location, giving the organization the polished look and professional consistency they were looking for.

This difference is especially noticeable on their website and digital marketing efforts. In just six months, the website is consistently attracting more page views and converting more leads.

    • Total users are up 194%
    • New users are up nearly 200%
    • Number of sessions are up 189%
    • Number of page views are up 150%

SEO and digital ads are also consistently performing above industry average:

    • 54% of visits come through organic search
    • The top 50 targeted keywords have a click-through rate of 52.35%
    • Cost per acquisition is down 60%
    • #1 Google ranking for 250 keywords–both branded and nonbranded

With a clear, consistent brand and a partner in Moxie, Morningside is primed and ready to take their marketing to new heights.

“The experience has been phenomenal. I feel so much more confident in my role today than I did 7 months ago when I came onboard, and a big piece of that has been working with Moxie. To me, Moxie is a part of Morningside’s brand. They’re an arm of our business, not a third-party vendor. I look forward to continuing down this road together.”

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