Quality Assurance Software Company Relies on Moxie Tonic to Turn Marketing Vision into Reality

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Sigma Additive Solutions company with coworkers discussing quality assurance software

Sigma Additive Solutions, a developer of quality assurance software for the commercial 3D printing industry, began as a laboratory engaged in the research and development of 3D metal printing technology. As it grew, it shifted from a sole focus on R&D, to offering products and solutions to customers and OEM partners.

To help market their offerings, their VP of marketing, Chris Ryan, relied on a wide variety of third-party marketing contractors to meet his marketing goals–spreading himself and his time too thin.

The Challenge

Because marketing a quality assurance software solution requires working with technical content in a highly-specialized industry, Chris found himself spending too much time bringing contractors up to speed. The amount of time he had to spend in meetings with these contractors was eating away at his own productivity, hindering him from completing his strategies of:

  • delivering on multiple media
  • creating large, integrated campaigns
  • managing global trade show loads

He knew it was time to find a single agency that could help him carry the ever-increasing load.

The Solution

Moxie began by streamlining all marketing communications into a single point of contact. By working with just one expert who could dive into and understand Sigma’s business, offerings, and marketing needs, that contact could communicate with both Sigma’s VPs and Moxie’s team to coordinate assignments and deadlines.

With communication in place, Moxie was able to listen to Chris’ vision for Sigma’s marketing, advance the brand, and deliver all the pieces needed to achieve it. From website updates and email communication, to trade show booth designs, Moxie delivered beautiful, compelling work in a timely and efficient manner.

“Moxie has exceeded my expectations. They have an arsenal of professional, experienced, top-notch B2B marketers on their team. From integrated campaigns to high-end design, the Moxie team are experts at turning vision into reality. With their precise project planning and tracking, we now have an effective, streamlined approach to marketing. Most importantly, Moxie is helping us achieve our important marketing objectives.”

–Chris Ryan

Under Chris’ direction, Moxie created content and design that included:

  • Logo design
  • Website refresh and optimization
  • Landing pages for lead capture
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Campaign development
  • Email blasts
  • Expert Hubspot support
  • Trade show booth designs
  • Building brochures and pamphlets
  • Rebranding strategy
  • Support and more

In essence, Moxie gave Sigma Additive Solutions a team that could do their marketing heavy-lifting, all in one place.

The Result

With effective, efficient marketing in place, Sigma has grown both in size and direction. In May of 2022, it rebranded itself from an R&D lab to a production company with a solutions-based model, including a name change.

Due to the higher volume of leads, the sales team has grown and Sigma is consistently meeting and exceeding its financial goals.

Chris now has the time he needs to focus on the vision and strategy for Sigma’s marketing, and the confidence that he has a single source that will consistently and effectively deliver on his requests.

Read more about Christopher Ryan, VP of Marketing, Sigma Additive Solutions:


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