What is your candy crush? And how to put it in its place

by Natalie Gowen /

Jun 16, 2016/

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Tuesday I revealed that my secret shame is the amount of time I play Candy Crush. I'm a high achieving, goal oriented person and it's pretty lame (IMO) that I fall prey to the "one more level won't hurt" philosophy of accomplishing absolutely nothing with my time

But actually, I'm not accomplishing nothing. In the words of columnist David Wong,

"Even if what I'm doing is a frivolous waste of time, I'm doing it for a reason."

If our actions reveal our priorities, then unproductive time use tells me that I prioritize downtime and mindless relaxation. Is that ok? Probably. But could I exchange the relaxation with something less addictive and slightly less unproductive? For sure.

But I'd have to decide on my priorities and establish productivity over relaxation.

Later in Wong's article, he talks about how changing our life is almost always discussed in terms of adding to our lives without acknowledging what we give up. This sets us up for failure and disappointment because everything we do, we do for a reason. (I highly recommend reading his full article.)

So, in preparation for today's action step - keep in mind, If you plan to add something to your action priority list, then you best be prepared to give something up.

TODAY'S ACTION STEP: Complete the Action vs Priority worksheet.


Complete it and analyze your actions. Answer the key question - what can I give up to make room for my true priorities?

With space for new actions -- I'll be back next week with your first Action Step towards connecting with your ideal clients.

Have a happy {priority filled} weekend!!!


P.S. If you want to start a conversation - I'll be on Instagram under the hashtag #MoxieActions


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