Website couch to 5k: 3 steps to get your site growing your business

by Natalie Gowen /

Oct 26, 2015/

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Hello, branded and beautiful website! Hello gorgeous logo that sings your branding! Goodbye time and money spent on development and content. And now what? Is your website a contributing member of your business team? While you are hustling in your business, drumming up new clients, working on new projects to bring in more revenue, what is your website doing? Is it pulling in leads and sales? Or is it on the couch, eating potato chips, watching Judge Judy?


Before you can make progress with your website - you have to decide to make it a priority. It's hard to set aside time to work on your business because it takes time away from your client work. But, I'm not talking about going out for a 10 mile training run. We're starting with a 5K. Deciding to focus and build a brand strategy for your website means you are going to add the time to your calendar. And then you have to stick with it. The next two steps are going to take 2 hours, tops. So put that in your calendar.


You have very little time to capture a new website visitor and grab their attention. Placing a branded and strategy driven welcome statement on your website immediately tells visitors whether you are right for them. A Welcome Statement is a declaration of your purpose. It tells visitors:

  • who you are
  • who you work for
  • how you solve their problems

For example, my Welcome Statement goes something like this: I'm Natalie, a branding strategist. I work with creative entrepreneurs who are ready to add strategy to their business so they can avoid social media overwhelm, gain traction online and turn their business vision into reality. I hone in on my target market and identify my niche as creatives who are ready to be thoughtful and strategic. I bring up the problem of overwhelm and spinning wheels and show a glimpse of what the solution looks like. You're not going to see this word for word on my site, but versions of it appear on my Home and About Pages. Revise and reword your Welcome Statement so your site is not repetitive, yet conveys the same message wherever people enter your site.


This isn't about being bossy, just helpful. Without a suggestion of what to do next, people will close the browser window. But if you want them to go deeper into your site, you need to give suggestions. Depending on your business goals you could invite them to:

  • sign up for your mailing list
  • read more blog posts
  • connect with you on social media

Whatever you do, keep your Calls to Action simple - only one task at a time.


That's it! That's your first day of training. Decide to train, set aside time to do it, develop a Welcome Statement and invite people to take action. I'd love to see your Welcome Statements. Email me your final draft.

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