There's no such thing as a natural success

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Aug 26, 2014/

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Success is never gift wrapped and delivered to your doorstep. It has to be won. It is an uphill battle. It's wanting success more than you want to watch the next episode of Doctor Who. It's working hard on your business when you'd rather sleep in.

Yet successful people make it look so easy. The ballerina floats effortlessly across the stage. The star basketball player sinks three-pointers with grace. And the "Quit Your Day Job" Etsy sellers are always smiling.

By they time the rock stars of their chosen field make it to the top - it might even seem easy to them. They've spent years developing habits that propelled them forward. These habits become part of who they are, part of their very nature.

Anyone can develop successful habits. The reason most people don't? It's not easy and there's lots of sacrifice involved.

It's no fun to skip out on ice cream and movies to practice pirouettes until you're dizzy. It's dang cold shooting baskets in your driveway in December. It's monotonous to make 700 bows until you can make them perfectly, with one hand tied behind your your sleep.

But only the people that are willing to make the commitment to build successful habits get to enjoy success they bring.

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