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by Natalie Gowen /

Jun 16, 2016/

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Some of you know that my family and I moved an hour down the road. New town. New climate. New adventures. New friends....coming soon, anyway!

We don't move all that often, but my go-to method for making friends is to find a gym and a church. Why? I know I'll automatically find people that share common interests and common values. It's a lot easier to make friends if I don't have to search through a bunch of people that will never click.

_Connecting with your ideal clients is _justlike finding new friends. If you start with people who share your common interests and values it'll be a snap! You won't waste time and money trying to convince people to value what you do before they hire you.


Social media and blogging are perfect for introducing shared values and interests. You get to let your hair down and be you. Being yourself attracts people who like and appreciate similar things.

As you draw your people closer to you and your business (by giving them an option to join your email newsletter) you'll find more and more ideal clients ready to hire you! do you pick what to talk about?

The key is to find two types of values:

1) Shared Values - the values and interests that you have in common with your ideal client.

2) Complementary Values - your client's values that they can't reach without your skills.

Including both kinds of values in your social media and blogging efforts will really boost the engagement of your audience and ease the transition from follower/reader to paying client.

Just like in previous weeks, I've made a worksheet that will help you identify your values.


And you may have noticed, not only will this help you connect with your clients - it gives you a list of content ideas!

Have fun.



P.S. Next week I'm announcing the launch of a 5-day challenge to help clarify and boost your message. Can't wait!!!

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