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Jun 27, 2018/

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Advertising is the MySpace of the social media era. Once upon a time it was relevant, it worked and it got you customers.

But now it's just old, old news. Traditional advertising is as antiquated and jarring as Don Draper giving a secretary a swat on the rear.

Potential customers have ever improving ways to block unwanted ads and they' re using them in unprecedented waves. DVRs, Netflix, podcasts, email addresses for just junk, web filters…the list goes on. But that doesn't mean they're done learning about cool, new things to buy.

It just means that getting the word out about your product or service depends on connecting with potential customers. And if you're going to connect, you have to be compelling.


When people connect to your story, they invite you to keep talking. That's why you want those likes, retweets, email addresses and RSS subscriptions. They're the new media way of saying, "I interested. Please, tell me more about your product."

The cool thing is, sales growth can happen with fewer people than with the old broadcast-to-everyone method. You weed out the folks who don't care about your offering and cultivate group who's already said - "Yes! I like your stuff."

The more you tell, the more they learn and the more likely they will move from window-shopper to paying customer.


• Be interesting • Tell a story (your story, your product's story, your creative method) • Explain the process behind your product or service • Share about yourself & your life (within reason) • Ask for feedback & then publicly respond • Share customer experiences • Be a problem solver

Bottom line, remember that more than selling your product, you are selling yourself -- the artist, the creator. So don't hide behind your logo. Get out in front of your product/service and tell your story!

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