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Social media is a must for modern business. We all know this. But do you have to be on each and every social media platform?

Each network that you join, you want to join in order to provide value. You should not sign up just to have an account on the next big social network. Before creating an account on any social media platform, you should ask yourself these two questions...

1) Can I actively participate on this site?

2) Can I consistently create content for this site?

If you answered 'No' to either of those questions then hold off on creating an account or page until you can devote the necessary time and effort into that site. So, where do you start? This post is the first part of an video series talking about social media and which platforms are best for your business. This week's social media platform is LinkedIn.


It is the Facebook for your business. If you are in the business-to-business category, then LinkedIn is a must. You should have two profiles or pages: one for you personally and one for your business. If you are in the business-to-consumer category, then you can still utilize LinkedIn and gain value depending on your target audience and consumers.

Since LinkedIn's audience is distinct and different from most social networks like Instagram and Facebook, your social media approach has to be just as distinct. LinkedIn is useful for you and your brand because it can allow you to generate leads, build brand awareness, and establish strategic partnerships.


There are over 450 million professionals on LinkedIn, providing endless opportunities to connect and share. LinkedIn is in integral part of modern business and its stats rate up there with the other big social media sites. The average user spends 9.8 minutes on LinkedIn per day. 64 percent of all visits from social media to the home page of corporate websites are from LinkedIn. And the reach of the total digital population in 37 percent.

What sets LinkedIn apart though is it's outstanding organic reach. Organic reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution. The average reach for an organic LinkedIn post is 20 percent while Facebook posts have less than 3 percent. That is a huge difference. And you can utilze that discrpenc if you know what to do.

It is worth noting that social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) are all companies like you. They are also looking to make money. So as these companies grow we are seeing a decrease in organic, unpaid reach and an increase in paid advertisements and promotions. The Facebook feed used to be updated by time/timeline but current Facebook live feeds shows posts based on algorithms.

But with all this potential and possible connections, it is hard to know where to start.


• Create your accounts - You will need a personal account and a company page that is different from your personal profile. Make sure your team is on your company page account too.

• Publish consistently - Some people and businesses neglect LinkedIn in favor of focusing on distribution to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn requires the same amount of attention that you give to Facebook in order to succeed.

• Focus on content - LinkedIn has evolved, just like Facebook and every other kind of technology. You need to embrace the change. Create more long-form content. LinkedIn Pulse is an online news feed designed for users to share self-published content with their audience. This is a great way to grow your readership and reach a new audience that could be interested in what you have to say, what your business is doing, and what services you provide.

• Involve your team - Publishing from your business page, not your personal profile, is helpful, but if you want to get even better results, include your team. Have the individuals that work in your team, business, or company link to their position in order to represent your company on their LinkedIn page. Make sure everything is up-to-date to include your company page. Building your network through your individual employees will be more effective than going at it just as a business. It's a great way to create a cohesive team and include everyone to optimize and benefit, not only their network, but your business as well.

• Try LinkedIn Ads - LinkedIn has the option of in-mail as well as LinkedIn and side-bar ads. You can mix it up and connect with people that aren't in your immediate network and promote your posts or content that you are publishing. These are a couple different tactics that you can use to capture more leads and expand you network.

Effectively managing social media can be difficult and time consuming. If you have any questions feel free to schedule a free consultation.

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