Photography branding win: it's about the little things

by Natalie Gowen /

Apr 22, 2015/

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Branding your photography business isn't just about having the best logo or the fanciest website. It's about paying attention to the little things that make your client's happier and their life easier.


A coffee shack opened in a parking lot nearby. From the outside, it looks like my 9-year old cobbled it together. Peering inside, it looks like my 4-year old organized the shelves. They borrowed the Colorado State flag and pasted the word coffee on a few graphics to create a logo.

But when we are out on a cold and rainy day - this is our #1 stop. I pass Panera and Starbucks not just to support local business, but because my coffee shop has stickers.

A simple, 10 cent addition to my cup has won my loyalty.


I like natural and urban settings for our family photos. Train tracks, check. Rugged forrest, check. Wind-swept grassy plains, check. Manicured park with cushy grass. Uncheck.

This means my poor husband is always kneeling on rough, uneven surfaces while the photographer magics my four boys into keeping their fingers out of their noses and looking at the camera. All four of them. At the same time.

It takes a while and it's pretty killer on his knees.

What if a photographer brought a small pillow for him? He could hide it behind the children and he would be comfortable. At no extra cost, a photographer would win our loyalty. Forever.

How can you simplify and ease your clients' experience on a photo shoot, or in the ordering process? What tiny touches will build your brand as truly customer-centric?

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