It's not about the likes

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Apr 21, 2014/

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What are likes, anyway? A quick thumbs up. A millisecond of someone's time. Permission to tell them your story.

But you can't take likes to the bank. You can't use them in the check-out line. They might make you feel good, but they can't fill your gas tank. In order for likes to matter, you have keep getting more of them. Your likes, or rather, your audience has to keep growing.

The best, most organic way to grow your likes is through shares. Every time you create a post compelling enough for someone to share it, you increase your audience. It works on any platform.

Your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, you name it. When you get shared, you will get liked. And every time you're liked, hooray! you've made the first connection. One more person is interested in your story.

There's many more steps before you can turn that connection into something the mortgage company will accept. But for now, focus on that connection, create content that matters to your audience and they will share it.

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