Is twitter the best social network for your brand?

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With every social media network your business is on, you should be adding value to the network you're on. That being said, if your customers are on Twitter, you should be there too. It's not about you it's about them.

If you have Facebook and LinkedIn, you may have created a Twitter account, maybe not. But if you don't know anything about this social media platform, here's the basics.

The top four countries for Twitter accounts are the U.S., Brazil, Japan, and Mexico, and the U.S. is at the top with over 57 million Twitter accounts. Over half of Twitter users (56%) make over $50,000 annually and, of all internet mail users, 24% are on Twitter too.

Here are the basics...

• Tweet: what we do when we are on Twitter. • Retweet: when you share someone else's tweet on your own account • Feed: the tweets that you see based on who you follow • Handle: the name you go by on Twitter • Mention: including another Twitter user in your tweet or retweet

You know the basics, so how do you get the most out of this specific social media platform?

UPDATE YOUR BIO. Every Twitter account can have one so you have to make sure yours is interesting so it can stand out. Make sure your information is consistent across your other social media platforms, and make sure it speaks to your customer. Use a hook sentence, to grab their attention. It should be interesting to them.

TWEET OUT QUESTIONS. This will open lines of communication between you and your customer. 30-40% of your tweets should be replies to other tweets and this is a great way to build your audience. Communicating with other people will organically grow your reach and your followers. Take the time to be on Twitter.

TWEET AND RETWEET CONTENT. Listen to your audience and talk about hot topics with them. You can use the search tool to look for hashtags or conversations that are happening right now. When you use that to respond, you will gain followers. Talk to them by responding and mentioning (@) them.

Keeping up with Twitter and being effective with your social media is stressful. If you want to make things easier and get more results, let's talk. Book a quick strategy call.

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