How to write an about page that grows your business

by Natalie Gowen /

Oct 13, 2016/

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Writing a good About Page is the hardest piece of website copy. Yet, it's one of the most read pages on your site and presents a tremendous opportunity to drive new business your way.

Many of us are held back by the About Pages of yesteryear and Blogger–the ones full of adoration for partners and children, coupled with quips of about our favorite TV shows and hobbies.

Today's About Pages are really another sales page. The secret to a stellar About Page is to flip thinking on it's head and stop writing about you and your business.

THE ABOUT PAGE IS ACTUALLY NOT ABOUT YOU The key to writing an About Page is finding balance between revealing the soul of your business and maintaining a focus on your prospective client.

A good About Page shares and convinces A winning About Page connects and resonates A stellar About Page inspires inquiry and action To make it to "stellar" About Page status, your copy needs to answer these five questions:

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE CLIENT? Begin your About Page by saying a huge hello to your ideal client by identifying who you work with. For example:

I'm Arlene and I work with fee-only financial planners I'm Jason and I help recently-graduated dentists build their practice I'm Kelly and I work with passionate service-based professionals Calling out your ideal client qualifies leads that come your way and helps readers know they are in the right place.

WHAT ARE HER PRESSING PROBLEMS? After you let your reader know she is in the right place, tell her that you truly get her. Take a paragraph or two to talk about the problems and challenges she faces.

Like any good sales page you're gently poking at the problem with the intent to maker her feel a bit bothered. Check out this example from Tors Gratham:

You’re handling everything, running the show. You're a mover. Maybe even a shaker. But editing just takes up too much time. Clean the audio, slice and dice the footage, mix the music. The list goes on and on. That one time you sat down to try, seven hours disappeared without you noticing. And you've got better things to do than watch all the tutorials on story structure, tips and tricks, and all the editing software you've downloaded to your computer (and still not feeling like you did it right). -- {Tors Grantham} See what she does there? She's reminding her ideal client of all the work that goes into learning something new and takes her away from her zone of genius. She pokes at the pain just a bit and sets up the next step.

WHAT'S THE SOLUTION? Since you're in the business of helping people, you'll prick the pain point and then move swiftly into the solution. How can your ideal client relieve the irritation or difficulties she faces?

{Heather Crabtree} does a great job answering this step. She shares the solution but doesn't give away the process.

I believe that you don’t have to be consumed by your company to be successful. You don’t have to stop caring for yourself. You don’t need to spend less time with your family. You don’t even need to do it all alone…in fact, you shouldn’t. You can run your business in a way that empowers you and others, and you can feel supported as you make it happen. In this example, a stressed out entrepreneur is starting to nod her head and say, "The solution is getting my life back, having control again and getting help to keep everything going."

WHY ARE YOU THE PERSON TO HIRE With a solution in sight but still out of reach, your ideal client is ready to say yes to achieving her goal. This is where you enter as the person to deliver. Share the answer with these two steps:

  1. What services do you offer to solve her problem
  2. What qualifications make you the best fit for your ideal client

Avoid lengthy paragraphs about your resume (link to a CV if your field calls for specific certifications, etc.) and focus on values you both share. Building on this common ground establishes trust.

HOW DOES YOUR CLIENT LOOK AND FEEL WHEN YOU'RE DONE? The final piece to the About Page is to give your client a little glimpse in the mirror. But instead of her current self - reveal her future self and let her see the benefits of working with you. Like this:

Imagine reviving your business with smart strategies–the ones used by the world's leading organizations. Together we'll capture your success and grow your business with little or no budget. And of course, after an exciting look at what could happen, invite your prospect to take a first step with a compelling {Call to Action}

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