How to explain yourself and stop being boring

by Natalie Gowen /

Jun 16, 2016/

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Over the next few weeks I'm sharing tips to help you unify and solidify your brand message. Each email contains actionable steps to help you realize your priority - grabbing hold of the business of your dreams and pulling it into reality.

Yesterday it was pouring. Then came the quarter-sized hail (eek!) and the mad dash to get my car in the garage. It's hard to imagine that this time 11 years ago, I was 7-months pregnant and wrestling a 2-year old on my lap in 90 degree California heat.

Does it really get that hot in May? Not in Colorado. But that's not really the point.

The point is...

At my husband's optometry school graduation 11-years ago a classmate said, "Your husband has a real gift. He explains complicated things better than any doctor I've ever met."

Today, that "gift" is the reason his patients love him. I didn't have to go far to find several reviews saying, "Wow! The doctor took the time to explain things in a really easy-to-understand way."

He'll be the first to admit, I taught him this skill. Not because I'm super great at medical stuff. In fact, I hate medical stuff. It's sooooo boring and technical and uses weird words that don't mean anything.

During his schooling if he wanted to talk about all the "cool" things he was learning he had to figure out how to break it down and keep me interested. It started as a game - but became a skill he could use in the exam room.

Everyone could stand to win at the "Keep My Prospect Interested" game. Explaining your services in an engaging and accessible way is the first step to creating a connection with your ideal client.

Helping your prospect understand exactly how her life improves if she hires you is the core of your brand message.

Step 1 to a Clear Brand Message: Explain Thing Better

  • Cut the jargon
  • Keep it simple
  • Avoid talking about technical features
  • Focus on your customer's problems
  • Emphasize benefits Today's action step:

Rethink how you explain your service. Break down the key elements of what you do into (1) the problem your client has, (2) how you are the solution, and (3) how her life will get better.

I've created an action worksheet for you. Click below to download


Have fun cutting through the intricacies of what you do and finding the simple, beautiful heart of how you help your clients.

Until next week - Cheers!


P.S. Did you find some room in your schedule? I've cut down my Candy Crush usage, rocked some business goals and even found time to dust of my piano music.


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