Branding do's and don'ts: the rise of the mightie kiwi

by Natalie Gowen /

Mar 18, 2015/

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Good branding - it's all around you - in your iPhone packaging and your Amazon Prime account. Sadly, bad branding is much more available to study. Don't make these mistakes in your photography business.


A dentist wanted my children to come back for their checkups. They sent four postcards that arrived on the same exact day, addressed to each of my children. Didn't someone notice they were minors? Or that we all belonged to the same family? If they valued us, like they claimed, perhaps they would.

Instead of their concern for my dental health, I see excess, wasted resources and volume. Translated to my dental care the multiple mailings tell me - "we are not about the individual, we are about the total number of people we can push through our practice."

No thank you! Not what I'm looking for in a dentist.


I love kiwi, but I never used to buy them. It's too darn hard to get to the tangy, juicy fruit. All that fuzzy skin, trying to peel the fruit while juice runs everywhere, not to mention the fuzz getting on my fruit.

Enter, Mightie Simple. Right there, on the packaging my life just got easier. They solved my problem and took away the barriers that kept kiwi out of my life. And they even give me a spoon to use.

Brilliant. Now my life includes as many kiwi as I can afford.


The number one way to build a strong brand, a business that people clamor for, is to solve your customer's problems. Build a product offering so perfectly tuned to their lifestyle that you cut down all the barriers keeping them from becoming their clien

Already working on that? Tell me in the comments...Already working on that? Tell me in the comments...

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