5 lost branding opportunities because your business name is boring

by Natalie Gowen /

Jan 20, 2015/

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Naming your photography business is a personal decision. But if you choose to go with your personal name, you leave too many branding opportunities on the table.


Your name is probably pretty boring. If it’s not, it’s probably pretty hard to spell or say. Boring. Hard to spell. Impossible to pronounce. Those aren’t things you want people to say about your photography brand.

Instead, your business name should draw potential clients into your website. You want them to connect with you – something your personal name won’t do unless they already know you. And if that’s the case – you don’t need to win them with a Google search.


Taking time to create an amazing name for your photography business gives you a leg up in your branding and marketing. A great, creative company name goes a long way to winning clients.

1) Plants a Suggestion

If done right, your business name will put a smile on people’s face. It tells them just a tiny bit about you and your style without browsing your portfolio.

2) Give meaning

Good, descriptive names are meaningful – to the client! They are not made up words or so industry specific regular joes get confused.

I love the name “Flair” for a photography business. The implied double meaning of flare, ie lens flare and flair – lots of style – means something to both photographer and client.

Photography and Studio are great ways to keep people’s minds on pictures. Though, if you leave out photography in your business name, tack it into your tag line (a place that’s perfect for your name). For example:

3) Paint an immediate picture

You’re in the imagery business – start painting an image of yourself from the moment people find out about you.

Painted Chair Photography immediately pulls client’s mind to bright accents and props into their pictures.

4) Take you places

Once your name sticks in people’s heads, you can help everything else about your business stick too. A good business name is a jumping off point for more creativity. You can start naming your packages accordingly.

Luxe Photography can develop packages with fancy parties as inspiration:

  • Garden Party - (small, simplified)
  • Dinner Party – (small, but fancier, more add-ons, as in more courses)
  • Evening Ball (bigger by far)
  • Grand Gala (give them the works)

5) Make an emotional connection

Nothing sells better than an emotional connection. In the years I sold social media icons on Etsy, more than one customer emailed saying they chose my shop because it reminded them of Moxie soda. That childhood connection drew them to me.


Don’t follow your photography peers off that cliff. Just don’t do it.

  • Find a photography business name that makes you stand out.
  • Find one that says something about the photos you take.
  • Find one that helps make an immediate brand connection with potential clients.

Give yourself permission to have an awesome name!


Get your creative juices flowing. Start by describing your ideal client or target market. Keep them in mind as you start to brainstorm.

  • Describe yourself, your business and the ways you want clients to perceive you
  • Tap into your clients and find out the words they use to describe you
  • Try adjectives, nouns, or combinations of the two
  • Go online and Google words to see what directions it takes you
  • Use a thesaurus
  • Try song lyrics, movie titles and other creative works to spark ideas

Don’t be shy - nothing is too silly in this stage.

Brainstorm away! Come up with at least 3 or more names that you really like. Make sure that they will make people smile. You don’t want anything that confuses people when they see it. Remember – you’re trying to capture good emotions!

Once you come up with a name that epitomizes your business – it’s time to run it through a trademark check. If one of your favorites passes the test – start your rebranding process.

If you need more tips on how to develop the right name for you photography business – check out Hello, My Name is Awesome, by Alexandra Watkins. It’s a quick, fun read.

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