3 ways that you can come up with blog post topics

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Social media, marketing, and content strategies are great ways to organically grow your business and attract your ideal client that will love your business, refer your business, and make your business really easy to share. Most business owners struggle to talk about their business and share their products. It's hard to constantly keep up with content marketing.

So, where do you come up with ideas to blog about?

With these simple tips, you'll never run out of ideas and it will be strategically effective in growing your business. So, here are three tips to help you come up with blog post topics.

1) Your Why

2) Your Products and Services

3) FAQ


Consumers want a personalized experience. They want to connect with why you do what you do. They want to know and understand what drives you. People love what other people are passionate about.

Blogging gives you a great chance to personalize your content and services, put your own touch on a service that they could probably get anywhere. Your clients are deciding to work and connect with you. And they can choose to work with and connect with you based on your why. Convince them why they should work with you specifically.

Why are you in your business? Why do you love it? Why do you offer the type of connections with your clients that you do?

When you express that in your blog you will have a deeper connection with your clients, and the right clients, you will attract the kind of people that you want to work with because your content will resonate with them, and they will be able to connect with you on similar or shared values.


What is is that you offer?

If your website is really good then you've got the basics of what you offer. But your business will be more complicated or deeper than that. Your blog gives you the time and the space to really lay out your products and express the level, depth, and benefits of the services you offer. It's a way to express it directly to your client base.

It's a resource for you too. Once you write it and put it out there you don't have to explain again and again exactly what you offer. You can reference your page and the particular services you have, link to those pages services and offerings, and then follow up with your clients and see if they have any questions.

Whenever you write about your products and services, always always always talk about the benefits. What would your client be missing out on if they didn't chose you? How can you make your client's life easier and better? Find what your clients value and connect yourself to that through your products and services.


Your blog is a great place to answer all the questions that you get asked by potential and actual clients. Like your products, you blog gives you a setting to write the detailed and personalized content once and reference it whenever your clients have any questions.

If you don't have questions that your clients consistently ask, you can use that blog space to answer the questions that you wish people would ask you. If you're not their yet, then you can reference your competitors' sites and see what content they have similar to that and adapt it for your own blog space.

Build your blog posts by answering one question at a time, in great depth.

Blog about your why, your services and products, and your frequently asked questions that you get asked or the questions you wish they would ask. Include a call to action at the end of Every. Single. Blog. Post. People will not take and action if they do not know what the next step is. Give them another option beside leaving your website.

We here at Moxie Tonic wanted to share with you some simple tips and strategies that would be effective in growing your business and attracting clients. We know that it is a lot so feel free to schedule a free consultation and we'll help you build a solid content marketing strategy.

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