3 reasons for blog for your business

by Challis Hackley /

May 14, 2018/

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Is it worth it? Seriously, is maintaining a blog worth the effort? Or is blogging so 10 years ago?


If you're still posting about your dog or what you had for lunch today, then yeah, you've probably seen results go down.

But, blogging is so important for an online business strategy. A quick look at the Moxie Tonic Marketing stats revealed that over half our inbound website traffic comes in through our blog posts.

And that's really it! Do you want Google to send you traffic? Yes. Then I recommend a blog that has strategy and a purpose and no busy work involved. The biggest reason to blog is that it helps Google find you, and who wouldn't want to make Google just a teensy bit happy :). Blogging works because:

1) It keeps the lights on. Google likes to send people to frequently updated sites, and blogs are an easy way to update it.

2) It boosts your SEO. Google likes to give people answers, so if your blog answers questions then you will rank higher. More diverse posts give you great search engine optimization.

3) It creates authority in your niche. For you and your clients,readers, or customers. As you build a blog with information you become a niche authority. You share your knowledge and build a wealth of information on your website that you can share with your clients and your readers.

The bottom line is the longer you can keep people on your site, the better. Have questions on how to build a strategic blog post? Let's talk.

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