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Moxie Tonic Digital Marketing

No matter what your business is in COS, there’s one undeniable fact: you need marketing! Whether you’ve been putting your outdated website on the back burner, your brother-in-law keeps telling you that you need to work on SEO, or you’re ready to start running digital or printed ads, a marketing agency can help you get the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

But who should you trust? A quick Google search brings up hundreds of advertising agencies in Colorado Springs, of all sizes, shapes, and specialties. You could spend the next two months reviewing the websites and interviewing creative directors, but here’s a tip to save you time and money:

Choose Moxie Tonic

Here are 3 reasons why Moxie Tonic should be your go-to agency in COS.


1. Proven StoryBrand Messaging


Here’s a hard truth: Most businesses waste an enormous amount of money on marketing. Why? Because their messaging isn’t landing with their audience. In today’s noisy world, you have just seconds to catch the attention of your audience and convince them to stay with you. Without a message that speaks to their needs, they’re going to move on to something else that does.

Here at Moxie Tonic, we’re certified in StoryBrand–a proven methodology to marketing messaging that harnesses the power of story as a sense-making device for audiences. By identifying who your audience is, what they want, the problems that stand in their way, and how your business solves those problems, StoryBrand helps businesses craft foundational messaging that grabs your audience’s attention…and keeps it.

As the only Certified StoryBrand Agency in Colorado Springs, our entire team is trained in StoryBrand, infusing this proven strategy into not just your messaging, but overall strategy and visual design. In fact, our StoryBrand strategy has helped a university recreation and wellness department clarify their messaging and create visual unity, a dental practice scale their business, and a financial planner start a new business.


2. Award-winning Graphic Design


Words are important, but they’re definitely not the whole picture. Without visuals that grab your audience’s attention, your message is sure to fall flat. That’s why the graphic design team at Moxie is here to make your message look as good as it sounds. 

And that award-winning part? We’re not making that up! Our digital and print ads have won local and state-level awards for their eye-catching designs. 

Our design team can create:

  • Websites from the ground up
  • Landing pages
  • Digital ads for Meta and LinkedIn
  • Print ads for magazines or direct mailers 
  • Logos
  • Brand guides
  • And more

The results of powerful graphic design are hard to beat! We helped a medical coding company speed up their sales cycle, a senior living company increase website visitors by 194%. We can help your Colorado Springs business do the same.


3. Expert Strategy


You’ve got the words, you’ve got the look…now what? You need a plan for implementing them in a smart, powerful way. That’s where Moxie’s strategy comes in. From creating powerful marketing roadmaps to planning local SEO strategy, our experienced strategists will work with you to identify your marketing goals, optimize your budgets, and prove ROI with comprehensive tracking.

Not only do we offer strategy, but we can implement it, too. We’ve helped clients create marketing funnels, improve organic search results, build and host websites, manage social media, and more. The results speak for themselves: a dental practice coaching company’s sales increased 1200% in one year, a medical coaching company closed $1.3M in new sales from one event, and a local business coach double leads and achieve a 75% close rate.

What could some Moxie do for you?

There’s only one way to find out–schedule a free, no-obligation call with our creative director, Natalie Gowen, to learn how our full-service marketing agency here in Colorado Springs can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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