Moxie Tonic Helps Dental Practice Coaching Firm Clarify Their Message and Drive Sales

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Gary Kadi, Founder, NextLevel Practice

Gary Kadi, Founder, NextLevel Practice

Speaker and author Gary Kadi has spent more than 25 years as an advocate and coach for dentists across the country. Recognizing that dentists face an uphill battle–their image is constantly derided in media and popular culture, they’re seen as a tier below “real” medical professionals, and they’re unwittingly forced into small business ownership without training–Gary founded NextLevel Practice to help dentists become confident healthcare practitioners and entrepreneurs.

NextLevel’s hands-on business and leadership coaching has grown from Gary as a solopreneur, to a large firm of coaches and client support team that has served more than 6000 practices and generated over 1 billion dollars in combined collections for the participating practices. Inspired by the oral-systemic connection, NextLevel’s ongoing mission is to help one billion people get healthier by 2030.

The Challenge

While NextLevel Practice’s coaching program continued to create real, measurable progress for dentists, in 2020, sales of new programs suddenly flatlined. With the cancellation of live events (one of their main marketing strategies) due to the pandemic, NextLevel had to rely on their website and digital marketing efforts to attract new clients…and it just wasn’t working.

After a year of dismal program sales, Gary learned about Donald Miller’s marketing methodology called StoryBrand. After attending a 2 day training in StoryBrand, Gary had a realization–NextLevel’s messaging was scattered, outdated, and downright confusing. If the company were to survive, it needed an overhaul, stat.

The Solution

Gary connected with Moxie Tonic Marketing to create a digital marketing funnel that would connect with NextLevel’s ideal audience and guide them to their programs.

Using the BrandScript that Gary created at the StoryBrand event, Moxie created a funnel that included:

  • Detailed customer persona
  • Facebook ads (copy and images)
  • Scripts for videos
  • Facebook likes campaign
  • Copy for a practice revenue quiz, including results
  • Design and development for the quiz
  • Quiz landing page
  • Thank you page and schedule a call page
  • Email nurture sequence 
  • Sales script
  • Ad management and optimization
  • Ongoing data and analysis of funnel performance

With the funnel in place to drive traffic to the website, Moxie’s next step was to align the messaging on the website to fit into the StoryBrand methodology. Moxie reviewed the site map, cleaned up old and outdated pages, and provided fresh copy and design for the main website pages, including;

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • FAQ
  • Case studies
  • Program page
  • Resources
  • Product pricing grid

This combined effort of dialed-in messaging and targeted advertising created the ideal environment for increased leads and conversions.

As the funnels started bringing in results, NextLevel continued to work with Moxie as a retainer client, with Moxie assisting the NextLevel team in various aspects of marketing, including;

  • Overall marketing strategy
  • New funnel projects
  • Copy for emails and landing pages
  • Ad management
  • SEO optimization
  • Blog posts
  • Design and web development support
  • Website maintenance
  • And more

The Result

Over the last three years, Moxie and NextLevel have become true, trusted partners. As Moxie supports NextLevel’s leadership and sales teams, program sales have steadily and significantly increased.

From 2020 to 2021, introductory program sales rebounded, increasing an astonishing 1200%, with flagship program sales increasing 1600%.

From 2021 to 2022, sales increases were not as dramatic, but continued to grow at a steady rate, with introductory program sales increasing by 20%, and flagship program sales increasing 9%.

With the NextLevel’s growth restarted and stabilized, Gary has been able to remove himself from the day-to-day workings of the company, appoint a new CEO, and transition to an ESOP. He is now NextLevel’s ambassador and Chairman of the Board, and offers these thoughts about working with us: 

With Moxie’s partnership, NextLevel is on course to continue growing, helping dentists across the country, and meeting their goal of getting a billion people healthier by 2030.

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