Medical Coding Resource Site Shortens Sales Cycle With Help From Moxie Tonic

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CodingIntel, a membership site for medical coders, was designed to help coders find citation-based answers to their medical coding questions. In a profession filled with gray areas and interpretation, CodingIntel bases its information on research and citations, offering a voice of authority in a confusing, costly industry.

CodingIntel’s website offered a wide variety of free resources to attract medical coders, but gated most of the high-ticket resources to encourage coders or medical offices to purchase a membership. Their approach was working, bringing in a high volume of traffic.  The only problem–low, slow conversion numbers.

Betsy Nicoletti Coding Intel

Betsy Nicoletti, Founder, CodingIntel

The Challenge

As CodingIntel built their site little by little, their focus had always been on communicating reliable, useful information–not a sales cycle. As a result, while the resources were valuable, the navigation through the site was often circular and confusing.

Additionally, because there was no clear explanation as to the value of the membership, many visitors viewed the free resources but didn’t convert into paying members. The sales cycle took up to 4 or more visits before conversion. If CodingIntel wanted to shorten the cycle, they knew they needed to better explain their value and make joining simple.

The Solution

Moxie began by analyzing CodingIntel’s UX. By cleaning up the menu bar and adding sales copy and links to the sales page on every free resource, Moxie created a clear path for site visitors to learn about and buy a membership.

It was also essential for visitors to understand the difference between the free and paid resources, and see the value in the gated content. To that end, Moxie created a BrandScript based on StoryBrand’s 7-part marketing framework that could act as a messaging foundation for the entire site.

Using the BrandScript, Moxie wrote new customer-centered copy for the home, about, FAQs, and sales pages, all focused on what the customer wanted and how CodingIntel could help them achieve it. Each page clearly directed the customer to the sales page, making the conversion process clear and easy.

Moxie’s team also created an attractive, engaging design to help highlight the message and create CTA buttons that were easy to find and follow.

The Results of Speeding Up the Sales Cycle for Medical Coding

In Q1&2 of 2022, the first visitor conversion rate was just 40.89%, with more visitors waiting to convert after a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th visit to the site. After Moxie’s changes at the end of Q2, the sales cycle shortened dramatically.

Q3 saw first-time visitor conversion rate jump from 40% to 60.03%.

CodingIntel now has the UX and sales copy it needs to make the most of its high traffic–guiding new visitors to the paid portion of the site and showing them the real value that a membership provides. With this shortened cycle, CodingIntel will be able to grow, helping medical coders get the confidence and citation-based assistance they need to do their jobs well.

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