Medical Coaching Firm Pivots to Moxie Tonic for Digital Medical Marketing During Pandemic Lockdowns

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Founded in 2012, chiropractor and entrepreneur Charles Webb had built his coaching firm for medical practitioners into a multi-million dollar business. Focused on teaching practitioners vital business skills and a new practice model, Charles relied almost exclusively on live, in-person events for medical marketing to find and warm up leads.

This approach worked well for Freedom Practice Coaching (FPC) until early 2020 when they were forced to cancel all of their in-person events. With their main lead source eliminated, FPC had to find a new way to attract customers–their business depended on it.

Charles Webb, Founder, Freedom Practice Coaching

The Challenge

Because FPC’s medical business model was so revolutionary, they had found the most success in using live speaking events to not just explain how and why their model works, but also help potential leads identify with the problems in their medical industry and look to FPC’s services for help.

Because of this, they still wanted the opportunity to speak about their services–they just needed a way to do it virtually. Their small marketing team (Charles, the VP of business development, and an executive assistant) however, did not have the experience or bandwidth to create and execute a digital marketing strategy.

The Solution

Referred to Moxie Tonic by their COO, FPC was drawn to Moxie Tonic’s expertise in StoryBrand and digital marketing. FPC’s marketing efforts and coaching promoted making the customer the hero of the story, so StoryBrand was an excellent fit.

Moxie began by laying out a digital marketing strategy–using a multi-funnel, multi-channel approach to attract leads.

Since FPC already had a wealth of valuable content, Moxie’s team turned the existing content into digital lead-generating assets, including an ebook and a downloadable guide. They then built funnels around these assets, building out automations, StoryBranded landing pages, digital ads, and email nurture campaigns.

“Moxie’s team supports all our marketing efforts. They are awesome and are a true blessing to work with. I appreciate the way they truly capture my voice in our communications and how passionately they support us in accomplishing our mission.”

–Charles Webb

Similarly, Moxie helped FPC take its in-person talks and turn them into live webinars and virtual workshops, promoted both organically and through paid social and PPC campaigns. They built landing pages for the webinars and workshops that had StoryBranded content in addition to creating compelling ad copy and visuals that aligned with the core message. 

Finally, Moxie supported the marketing team’s additional projects and strategy, creating content and design that included:

  • print ads
  • journal articles
  • video scripts
  • email nurture sequences
  • website updates
  • partner event support
  • extensive reporting
  • evergreen webinars
  • and more

In essence, Moxie gave FPC a team that could do their marketing heavy-lifting.

The Result

The rewards from the marketing pivot were almost immediate. Moxie’s first funnel for a digital event grossed $11.2k in registrations and $1.3M in closed coaching contracts, and continued to build from there. 

  • Funnels built around their existing assets produced a low $11.53 cost per lead, and built out a solid email list that can be retargeted to lower-funnel campaigns.
  • Webinar-specific campaigns produced a 48% lower cost per lead than the B2B webinar industry standard.
  • Cost per qualified lead was under $30 (compared to B2B medical marketing industry standard of $200).
  • In less than months, Moxie’s marketing efforts contributed to $31.7M in closed contracts


While opportunities for live, in-person events are available again, FPC can now take full advantage of all of its marketing opportunities–both in-person and digital–reaching more leads and contracts than ever before.



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