How to Write a Careers Page that Attracts Top Candidates

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If you’re a business owner, marketing director, or head of HR, you know that the number one thing your company could use is to attract more top talent to your team. It will protect you and set you up for success for whatever’s coming in the future. The best way to do this is by telling the right story.

The Framework for a Winning Careers Page

In this video, our Creative Director and Founder of Moxie Tonic Marketing shares her team’s exact formula for creating winning careers pages for our clients. And she reveals the tool that will help you stay focused and keep the content on point. You will learn how you can collaborate with your marketing team to be able to create a powerful, compelling, and engaging careers page that will really get people excited about coming to work for your company.

1. Use Clear, Concise Language

The number one element that makes this page work is that we use really clear, concise language.

  • Avoid cutesy or clever headlines and titles.
  • Really get right down to brass tacks; What’s important about this firm?
  • Lead with things that potential hires are going to care about. Create a “success bucket.” List three big successes they will experience if hired.

2. Describe the Journey

Tell the story that is all about the journey of the prospective hire. Discuss some of the problems they are facing in the marketplace, and difficulties inside the industry.

3. Explain What Makes Your Company Different

  • Pivot very quickly to what makes this position different.
  • Share “Why” this company is one they would want to go to work for.
  • Highlight successes that are going to attract attention.

Notice that you share all of this before even talking about what positions are available.

4. The Open Position Section

  • You can list as many open positions as you need.
  • Reiterate some of your key successes.
  • Underscore the same information that was provided above, about the success and the way they will be supported.

Walking through the copy, you should see a lot about what life looks like for the new hire. What is the total package that they’re getting? Not just the job and the benefits, but, what does life look like with this job?

5. Key Elements in the Marketplace

In this section, we’re really going for some of those key elements in the marketplace right now which are:

  • People want flexibility in their work.
  • They want to have an acknowledgment that there’s more going on in their life than what happens between the hours of eight and five.

This really resonated with Kelly Law Firm because this IS their mission.

6. The Importance of Your Values

  • There must be a promise that the work you do matters and that it makes an impact, which is another driving factor for people making a decision on where to work.
  • Culture, or fit, or support is also very important and defines a firm’s values.

This information comes way deeper in the copy, because now what we’re really talking about is the company itself.

7. Finish Your Careers Page Strong

  • Lead with the prospective hire’s journey.
  • Follow up with the company-focused content at the bottom.
  • Feature a special note from the business owner about the commitment she’s making to her team.
  • Calls to action are scattered throughout the page, especially in the actual “Open Job” position, that will lead people to take action, and to apply.


A Helpful Guide Through the Process

If you want a great tool for guiding that discussion and thought process of creating copy like this, I highly recommend It’s free to register, and you’ll get access to a storyboard that will focus you on:

  • The main character who is your hire, and what they want
  • The problems they’re facing
  • How you, the company, stands in a place of empathy and authority
  • What are the agreements that you’re making if they come on board?
  • What’s the one action they need to take?
  • What does success look like?

You can brainstorm these areas together, and then pull all of that information into an exact formula for creating a strong hiring page that will attract candidates who are excited to work for your company. You’ll be telling the right story that resonates with your potential hire, because it projects what life will look like when they work for you.

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