How to Speed Up the Buying Process with Better Marketing

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Do you feel the need for speed in your marketing? One of the things that I’m hearing from our clients in search of better marketing, is that buyers are entering the consideration phase and then staying there. They’re just kind of sitting on a decision to sign and move forward with a service-based contract.

The Problem: Buyers are Taking Too Long to Make a Decision

It’s taking longer than it did a year ago and this makes sense from several perspectives:

  1. The PPP and EIDL money that companies had a year ago is gone. In 2022 we don’t have that same slush in the budget to be able to make those service contract decisions.
  2. There’s uncertainty with inflation.

We’re all, every one of us, just trying to survive and thrive as best we can. If we hang on to our budget, and if we don’t allocate it all, it gives us options. There is a concern to be able to handle whatever might be coming down the pike in the near future. However, that also means we’re sitting with some things that just aren’t being solved for us. There are problems inside our business. From a marketing perspective, the equation for service-based businesses is,

“How can you help your ideal client understand that life is actually better when they exchange their money for your services?”


Solution: The StoryBrand Method

That’s one of the reasons why at Moxie we love the StoryBrand Method. It draws the connection between how making a purchase, and citing a service contract actually leads from the problem to success. The StoryBrand method very clearly outlines that and we talk about this in all of our marketing.

We teach you the marketing language to have a tremendous conversation with people who are stuck in that consideration phase. If they’re still considering, they haven’t said “no,” but they also haven’t drawn that clear line between the problems and struggles they’re having now, and the successes that they can be having down the road if they engage your services.


Daily 5-Minute Burst to Supercharge Your Marketing

Finally, there’s a great resource that I want to share with you. It’s a very simple, daily five-minute email that will talk more in-depth about how you can actually apply problem to success, problem to solution, and messaging inside your marketing. It comes from the great folks at StoryBrand and it’s free and I’ll put the link in the bio.

If you sign up for it, you’ll get these five-minute bursts that will take you through the simple steps to really supercharge your marketing. You’ll help the people who are in your funnel but still stuck in that consideration phase and move them forward into making a commitment.


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