How to Improve your Hiring and Career Page—Marketing Pro Tips

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As a service-based business, you know that hiring and retaining top talent has never been harder. But what you might not know is that rather than look to HR to solve this problem, you can look to great marketing. After the “Great Resignation,” it’s no longer about having the best benefits package. It’s really about providing the opportunity for personal and professional development.

Why People Leave Their Jobs

  • Low pay
  • They lack the opportunities to advance
  • They feel disrespected
  • They don’t have any flexibility in their work schedule.

In essence, today’s workforce is looking for a position that fulfills their needs on a variety of levels and not just compensation.

How Your Marketing Department Can Help with the Hiring Process

This is a story that holds the classic elements of great marketing. We’ve got a problem, a solution, and a transformation to offer.

It helps when you’re looking at career pages and job descriptions to think of your prospective hire as your ideal customer. They are shopping for a job, you have one to sell, and chances are, they have one of the problems that I just listed. If a position at your company or the company culture that you provide can solve those problems, you stand a good chance of attracting strong candidates.

Easy Steps

With a few simple changes to the job description, you can highlight how your company is a great place to work. How it encourages and supports professional growth. It respects the diversity of their employees and supports a great work-life balance. You can also talk about the overall success and personal transformation the prospect would enjoy while performing in that new role. Not just how it would transform their professional life, but also what it would prepare them to do next.

Most Important Elements for Hiring Ideal Candidates

  1. The problem the position solves in the life of your ideal hire
  2. Both the professional and personal transformation they will experience

These are candidate-attracting-gold, but they’re also very rare to see on a “Careers” page or inside a job description. If you add these two elements to your job listing, it will stand out head and shoulders above other competing positions, so you can attract the best candidates and make the best hire.

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