Growing Dental Office Finds Its Voice with Moxie Tonic

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Patient in dental office. 

John and Jen Bocchi, owners of Sierra Smiles Complete Health Dentistry

Sierra Smiles Complete Health Dentistry is a dental office with three locations in northern Nevada. It offers a spa-like atmosphere and friendly team, coupled with a whole-body approach to dentistry that helps patients not just have healthier mouths, but also avoid chronic disease.

Primarily, while John focused on the dentistry side of the business, Jen was responsible for the business side, working especially with a variety of marketers and other contractors to bring in new patients.

The Challenge

Jen knew that an online search is often how new patients find a local dentist. Accordingly, she worked with a website company that built dental websites and managed them specifically for boosting SEO. The result, though, was disappointing.

The templated website looked exactly the same as all of the company’s other websites, with generic messaging that may have been good for SEO, but was long, boring, and even difficult to read. What’s more, they had three different websites for the three locations, creating a confusing mess that canceled out any SEO advantages.

Jen knew she needed to find a way to unify and clarify Sierra Smiles’ web presence to showcase their specialized services, attract new patients and retain current ones.

The Solution

Moxie began by taking John and Jen through a StoryBrand consultation, taking a deep dive into what their potential patients want, their challenges, and how Sierra Smiles can help them. Using this discussion, Moxie created a foundational BrandScript and a brand voice for the dental office that would unify the three locations with clear, easy-to-understand messaging.

With the messaging in place, Moxie listened to John and Jen’s vision for the website and built a custom site that positioned the patients as the hero and Sierra Smiles as their guide toward lasting health. Not only was the site SEO optimized, but it was beautiful, functional, and most importantly, crystal-clear.

The next step was to unify Sierra Smiles’ new brand voice across all of their marketing platforms. In addition to assisting with a difficult transition from a previous marketing contractor, Moxie provided:

  • Long-term strategy
  • Branding and messaging
  • Print ad design
  • Lead magnets and sales materials
  • Social media support
  • Blog writing and SEO optimization
  • Ongoing website maintenance and refresh
  • Monthly reporting
  • Technology alignment
  • And more

“I was not thrilled with our previous website. It was cluttered, illogical, and gave an unclear message of who we are as an organization. I wanted someone to take hold of all the pieces, simplify our materials, and unify our voice.

Hiring Moxie Tonic to take over our marketing needs brought a huge sense of relief. Their team of adaptable marketing professionals handled the extremely difficult transition from our previous marketing company. Throughout the entire onboarding and creation process, Moxie was patient, supportive, and personal – all things we had not experienced before.

I am now proud to show off our websites and digital branding, and am really starting to see the returns for the business because our message is clear.”

–Jen Bocchi

The Result

Therefore, with a clear voice and unified brand message, Sierra Smiles dental office has grown significantly, building successful specialty businesses including a sleep and airway center, as well as a dental assisting school.

Sierra Smiles continues to gain new patients and retain current ones, consistently meeting and exceeding their revenue goals.

Knowing that her brand’s voice and message are clear and with a trusted marketing partner in Moxie, Jen has the time she needs to focus on business development and strategy for Sierra Smiles as a whole, with the assurance that she’ll have the support she needs to bring it to life.

For help growing your business with a clear brand message and simple marketing strategies that really work, book a free consult with our full-service agency.

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