Coaches’ Corner: Helping Your Clients Avoid Marketing Strikeouts

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I want to share three marketing tips to keep in the back of your mind while you’re working with your clients so that you can be on red alert for some of these common mistakes that companies often make in their marketing.

You Can’t Hit a Home Run with these Marketing Strikes

If a company you’re working with is making any of these mistakes, they are total strikes. They will never ever be anything that will hit a home run long-term. And, any one of these actions could actually be undermining the work you’re trying to do with them.

So, be on the lookout for any one of these three marketing strikes that may be impacting your client’s success and business growth.

Strike One: Trying to Market to Everyone.

I know that the business owners you’re working with are super passionate about what they do. They can see an application for their product and service to just about anyone. But, we know that 80 percent of their sales are coming from 20 percent of the market that could buy their products and services.

Home Run: Focus marketing on talking to that 20 percent of loyal, loyal customers.

And when they do that, they’re going to be able to dial in on both the problems and the successes. This will create the refined, targeted messaging that is going to yield huge results.

Strike Two: Ignoring Leads that Don’t Immediately Close

So often when companies are building their marketing strategies, it’s just leads, leads, leads. We want leads, new emails, and discovery calls. And then, they don’t have anything for the potential client after they get on the email list. Maybe they get the download, or the coupon. Maybe they meet them somewhere and put them into their networking sphere. But, if they don’t have ongoing nurture, they’re only going to be selling to the low-hanging fruit.

Home Run: Nurture Campaigns

So, be on the lookout for companies that don’t have any ongoing nurture campaigns for their marketing leads. Nurture campaigns will help take a potential client from brand new lead, to an actual sales qualified lead. Then the sales team can take over, have a conversation, build a relationship, and start selling and closing more programs, packages, and services.

Strike Three: Constantly Changing Strategies

Business owners are entrepreneurial-minded. They’ve got that “what’s cool, what’s new, bright-shiny-in syndrome tendency.” And, sometimes that can translate into the marketing efforts. They hear about a cool new marketing platform, a cool new marketing technique, and they want to try it.

Oftentimes, what happens is there’s not enough bandwidth to keep doing what’s been working, even if it’s been slow or steady, or maybe even if it’s struggling a little bit. They gut everything and start fresh with a brand new strategy. This never serves anyone well.

Home Run: Pay Attention to the Messaging and Refocus on the 20 Percent and Existing Leads

So, if you’ve got a client who’s bouncing from one strategy to another, chances are it’s not the strategy that isn’t working. What’s probably really happening is the messaging is off, and they need to really refocus on, not trying to sell to everybody. Most likely, they also need to stop ignoring leads that aren’t immediately closing, and build a more robust, and more sophisticated marketing strategy, so that they can stop striking out. They can stop facing that urge to change and pivot plans all the time, and actually find a strategy and a message that works.

Your clients can grow their business and meet their goals; and you can dig in and help them with those other goals that they set out to achieve when they first engaged your services.

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