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Most companies know they need to share customer success stories. It’s one of the key elements of building a StoryBrand message.

Just because YOU say you’re great, doesn’t make it so. But when your CLIENT says it we’re entering into a whole new realm of social proof — one that your potential clients will value 1000 times more than just you saying you can deliver results.

The Problem: So Many Reviews Are Just Not Good.

They say things like, “wow, working with them was awesome” or “Dan was really responsive that one time I needed him in the middle of the night.”

Not exactly “objection-overcoming”, “painting a clear picture”, level testimonials.

So how do you get the kinds of client success stories that really help potential clients overcome their hesitations?

  • You ask the right questions.
  • You repeat the questions at all stages of your engagement.
  • You make sure you capture the “so what” factor.

1. Ask the Right Questions:

This means digging in and building a complete story. From start to finish, what did the experience look like, what were the problems they were facing? How did you solve them? What did that allow them to do?

2. Repeat the Questions:

Chances are you have long engagements with your clients. Don’t wait until the very end of the contract to ask them how things are going. Sure, NPS scores are great indicators of client satisfaction along the way, but they aren’t testimonials.

So interview your clients after onboarding, and again a few months into the project. And when the contract ends, ask them again. Waiting until the very end of the project or contract means they will have forgotten some of the key driving forces behind hiring you. When you ask early and often, you’ll get a much better snapshot of what it’s like to work start to finish.

3. Get to the “So What” Factor for Compelling Success Stories:

Success is so much more than just not having the problem anymore. Your clients hired your service to help them overcome specific challenges. But they didn’t just want the problem to go away — they wanted the intangible benefits that come afterward. Time, freedom, more money, confidence, market leadership, peace of mind, and the list goes on. Ask questions that get past the “you made my problem go away” answers and elevate the successes to a whole new level.

If you’re wondering what magic questions can help your clients really express the impact you make on their business, you can download them today and get started asking them tomorrow.

Download Now: Essential Guide to Creating Client Success Stories that Convert.


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