5 Signs Your Business Needs A Marketing Roadmap

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Two people on a road trip in a convertible with their marketing roadmap.You’ve seen it in every movie or TV show out there—a family is on a road trip and gets lost.  The person in the passenger seat pleads with the driver to stop and get directions, but the driver refuses, confident that they can figure it out on their own. Of course, the family just gets more and more off course, until they either a)—stop for directions, or b)—get stuck somewhere remote and dangerous.

It’s almost a laughable stereotype, right? The overconfident driver who ends up making everything worse.

Struggling to Run Your Business Without a Plan?

And while we can recognize that problem on TV, how often do we notice it happening in real life? While we’d all like to run our business based on gut feelings, sometimes we need to pull off the road and talk to a local about the best way to get from here to there.

Here are 5 signs that it might be time you need to stop and grab a marketing roadmap.

1. Your business competitors are leaving you in the dust

Does it ever feel like your competitors are always one step ahead, but you can’t figure out quite why? No matter if it’s their website, their great new ads, or their unstoppable promotion, you’re losing market share to their efforts.

Sometimes, the best way to beat the competition is to take a deep dive into just what they’re doing. Taking a full audit of what your competition is up to and comparing it to your efforts can yield some hugely useful information.

Here at Moxie, our Comprehensive Marketing Roadmaps always start with a deep audit that looks at things like:

  • Website performance: traffic, performance, and analytics
  • SEO: keywords & ranking
  • Technology: software, marketing tools
  • Competitors: SEO, ranking, websites
  • Website Content: messaging, top-performing pages, etc

If you want to get where you’re going, you’ve got to know where you (and your competitors) are right now.

2. You see business and economic storm clouds up ahead

No logical person would drive straight into a tornado, but it can feel like we’re doing just that when we navigate a business into an economic downturn. While a full-blown recession hasn’t started just yet, the storm clouds are definitely gathering.

Instead of barreling onward full-steam, it’s time to take a moment to pause, evaluate, and get the advice of an expert so you can make an effective marketing strategy for the coming year. That way, you can focus on what really works and get rid of the things that don’t.

Moxie’s Comprehensive Marketing Roadmaps include insights into your current data and give recommendations for what you should do in the next 3, 6, and 12 months to keep on track.

3. Roadwork is diverting you to a new route

While “roadwork” in marketing isn’t always marked by barricades and orange safety cones, plenty of hazards can show up and throw you off track:

  • Privacy policy updates
  • Changes in algorithms
  • Fluctuating market trends
  • Reporting changes
  • And more

While the impulse might be to ignore the roadblock or just “go with the flow,” not taking important changes into account can throw all of your marketing work into complete disarray.  Again, it’s worth the time to stop and consult an expert to learn the best workarounds and new best practices that can keep your efforts on track.

Moxie works hard to stay on top of all of the changes and new trends that pop up in the marketing world, and can give you the advice and roadmap you need to avoid the pitfalls and keep moving forward.

4. You want to save on gas money

One of the best ways to save money on gas is to avoid long, windy routes and costly backtracking. The same applies to your marketing dollars. If your customer journey is long and complicated, the marketing is going to be just as long, complicated…and expensive.

Dialing your marketing in can help to warm up leads faster and significantly shorten the sales cycle, cutting your costs in the process. That’s why we’ve designed Moxie’s roadmaps to take a close look at your messaging so your leads can go from icy cold to toasty warm before ever talking to a salesperson.

5. Your car is making a funny noise

A road trip is only as good as the vehicle making it. Constant breakdowns take all the joy out of the journey as you spend all of your time and money focusing on getting the car to go just a little bit further.

Could your marketing be the same? If you’re focusing on just propping up what you already have and relying on luck (and a whole lotta duct tape) to get you across your quarterly goals, every day is going to be a struggle.

At Moxie, we recognize that your website and messaging are vital aspects of your marketing, which is why we offer not just roadmaps for overall marketing strategy, but also highly focused roadmaps that zero in on just your messaging or your website.

Our Website Roadmap reviews your:

  • Messaging
  • Traffic
  • Performance
  • UX
  • SEO
  • Software tools

And gives you materials based on the proven StoryBrand methodology, including a messaging session, one-page messaging framework (BrandScript) , and new copy and design for your homepage.

Similarly, our Brand Messaging Roadmap reviews your:

  • Website content
  • Competitor messaging
  • Brand voice across platforms
  • Clarity and style
  • Logo
  • Name (if needed)

And delivers a unified messaging strategy including a messaging framework and homepage copy.

Both of these roadmaps will help make reaching your goals simpler, more efficient, and more effective. Now THAT’S an enjoyable road trip!

Hit the Road

If you’re ready to get your marketing on track, taking a look at your competitors, forming a clear strategy, getting expert advice on industry changes, shortening your customer journey, and addressing your messaging and website will help you transform your marketing into a lean, mean, customer-converting machine.
Need some help with the tune-up? Our marketing roadmaps are here to help. We’ll give you the analysis, insight, and proven strategy you need to blow past your goals.

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