The StoryBrand Livestream is the Beststream: 3 Ways the Livestream Revolutionizes your Marketing

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As a certified StoryBrand Agency, you probably already know that Moxie Tonic is a fan of all things StoryBrand. But a full two days helping businesses clarify their message, write their own BrandScript, and learn how to apply it to their websites, their lead generators, their overall marketing efforts, and more?


Two 9-5 days of working on your messaging might sound overwhelming, but we can tell you that you’ll leave more excited, motivated, and inspired about your business than ever before.

We’re just back from coaching at the latest StoryBrand livestream, and we are PUMPED! If you’ve ever considered learning more about this game-changing methodology, we gotta say, the livestream is the way to go. And just to prove it, here’s 3 ways how attending the livestream can change your marketing…and your business…for the better.

1. Live instruction from the best of the best

Why listen to other people explain the StoryBrand methodology when you could learn it from the actual source? A huge benefit from the livestream is learning directly from the heads of StoryBrand, Donald Miller and Dr. JJ Peterson. In 20-30 minute lessons, Don and JJ break down the why, what, and how of the StoryBrand methodology, answering questions like:

  • Why is most marketing a waste of money?
  • How do you connect with your audience?
  • What effect does story have on our brains?
  • What is an audience actually looking for?
  • How do you position your brand as a guide?

From big ideas down to the smallest brass tacks, Don and JJ have considered every angle of the StoryBrand methodology and how to apply it in real-life branding and marketing. They’ve also curated fantastic examples from the real world to show exactly how to draw your audience in and give them the exact message they’re looking for. It’s an opportunity to learn from the absolute best.


2. Small group coaching

I can guess what you’re thinking–sure, listening to Don and JJ lecture sounds interesting, and possibly even enlightening, but what about my questions? How do I apply what they’re saying to my actual business and know that I’m doing it right?

That’s where the coaching comes in. Certified StoryBrand Guides (like us!) from around the country join the livestream to give you the hands-on instruction that you need to take the methodology from an idea to an application. Each participant is assigned to a small group of 3-8 people, led by a StoryBrand Guide. After each lesson with Don or JJ, you’ll work together with your small group to take what you just learned and apply it to your own business’ BrandScript.

In our last coaching group, we worked with three businesses that sold different products and services and had distinctly different audiences but were all united in wanting to clarify their message. In our small group sessions, we dug into each business’:

  • Ideal audience and who they want to become
  • What the audience wants
  • The problems the audience is facing
  • How to show empathy and authority
  • Process plan
  • Call to action
  • Potential outcomes

Even better, working as a small group, everyone was able to contribute to and refine each other’s ideas. When one person couldn’t think of the right way to say something, someone else could jump in with fresh ideas. Working together helped everyone emerge stronger. 

3.Your very own BrandScript

After generating ideas for each of the seven pieces of the StoryBrand framework, the last task was to put them all together into a BrandScript. While writing one of the scripts straight out of the gate would have felt nigh unto impossible at the beginning of the livestream, by the end, our participants did it in just 10 minutes! 

After a workshop with the coach and the rest of the small group, you can then take your shiny new BrandScript and apply it across your marketing. Here at Moxie, we like to call the BrandScript your foundational messaging document. You can pull ideas from it to create content like:

  • Homepage copy
  • Emails
  • lead generators
  • Taglines
  • elevator pitches
  • social media content
  • video scripts

And more!

BONUS: Website Reviews

To close out the livestream, JJ does real-time reactions to several homepages of livestream participants. No shade throwing here, just helpful, actionable advice. He points out strengths, asks questions, and gives authentic reactions to the messaging on the sites.

While JJ only looks at a handful of homepages, VIP participants get a free homepage review from their group’s Certified Storybrand Guide. As VIP coaches at the last livestream, we loved digging into the homepages individually with our group members, helping them find places they can insert their new, clear messaging, and helping them optimize their content and layout to draw in their audience and facilitate conversions.

Sound like something you just can’t miss? We sure hope so! The next Livestream is May 9-10. Click here to learn more. Can’t wait that long? We’ve got you covered! Just book a free call with us to learn how we can work 1:1 with you to write your own BrandScript and create a marketing plan that will make the most of your clear, engaging message.

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